Guide To Hiring A Scaffolding Company

Guide To Hiring A Scaffolding Company

Whether you are hiring decorators to refurbish your house or moving specialists to help you move house, the work must be done to the highest possible standard. This is equally as important when dealing with London scaffolding hire services. In order to protect your structures as well as the health and safety of your workers and passers-by, it is essential to have a scaffolding tower on your construction site.

However, a poorly designed or erected scaffolding tower is as dangerous as having none in the site whatsoever. As a result, working with safety-conscious, experienced, and well-trained scaffolding companies is essential. Sadly, finding a reputable scaffolding company for hire isn’t the easiest thing to do. There are a lot of companies out there who claim to provide impeccable service, and it can be tempting to just go with the first option.

Attention To Safety

When dealing with scaffolding structures, safety is an essential element to be considered.   Please note that some poor scaffolding contractors may not have been caught yet, but this is the right first step anyway.

Checking their level of compliance with health and safety regulations is also highly recommended. We, for instance, are members of the SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) here at Ace Scaffolding in Uckfield. Scaffolding companies that wish to become members of the SSIP must comply rigidly with the health and safety regulations put in place by the SSIP in order to be eligible. Scaffolding companies that are members of the SSIP are more trustworthy, so this should be considered when making hiring decisions.

Are They Insured?

Although a London scaffolding company may be very careful with materials and installations, accidents may still happen. The risk of accidents, property damage, and on-site injuries can not be eliminated even when the best scaffolding hire company is used.  You should protect yourself from costs associated with accidents by hiring a scaffolding company that has good insurance coverage. Compensation should be provided by your scaffolding company in the event an accident occurs on your site. Make sure you look into the insurance details of the scaffolding contractor before employing their services.

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